Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sea World


I am currently down in Carlsbad California with my family. First half of the week I was with my in laws and then we had a day break before my side of the family came into town. What are the odds that both our families do a annual trip every year to the same town in Cali one week after another!

Anyways, on our transition day we hit up Sea World. Outings like this is something I have looked forward to for a long time. I love to listen and watch my son get excited and say "whoooaaa" after everything. He was so much fun there even though he was a Stage 5 clinger. This boy didn't want me to ever set him down. By the end of the trip my arms were shaking. Apparently I don't have any muscle in them to even carry a 27 pound kid around. Where were the days I would carry double that in books back in college? 

You know your trip to Sea World is a success when you leave smelling like you were one of the camera men on the show Deadliest Catch: Sweaty, Salty, and Wet.

This boy was exhausted after a long day of Sea World. 


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