Friday, July 27, 2012

DownEast + photo shoot

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 DownEast home and clothing is the best of both worlds. They have such amazing selection of furniture and clothes all for marked down prices. Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good deal, so this store is perfect for me. I can find a great selection of modest clothes and shop for my house all in one store.
  I don't know if this is just me, but I love to walk around their store and envision what my future home will look like. You know the home I will have when I either die and go to heaven or have lots of money :) I like to hope that the second option will come before the first ;)

Usually I see items I like and it is way out of my price range, but that is what is so great about DownEast, they have a great selection that is so affordable. I SO wish this store was around when I got married because EVERYTHING would of come from there. I still get buyers remorse whenever I see a killer couch at DownEast and it is cheaper than the ugly one I bought brand new from another store. You may be asking why would I buy a couch when I thought it was ugly....well, I bought it to match a ugly chair I was given. I know, I know, it doesn't make sense, but for some reason it did then. Actually most my house is decorated with leftovers from my older siblings. I have just been waiting to get into our own house before I bought any big purchases... well that is besides this hutch from DownEast of course. :)

 I purchased this hutch from DownEast before I knew where I was even going to live, but I knew I had to have it. When I saw this piece it was as if it was speaking to me (insert creepy ghost voice here)... "bridgey... buy me." I immediately called my husband and convinced him this would cover my birthday and Christmas present for the next year, and he wouldn't have to get me anything. (shhh but I always do this and he tends to forget by the time my birthday comes and so I still get a gift. ) Well my convincing skills apparently worked and here is the beauty standing in my house today!

Isn't she GREAT? :)

So apparently I daydream a lot. Did you know they have the cutest kid stuff. I don't even have a girl but of course I sat and envisioned what my little girl would look like wearing some of these cute swimming suits running around with a little wedgie. Weird? Yes!

 Recently I was contacted by DownEast to go and spend 50 dollars on whatever I wanted. I  thought it would be easy, but since they have such a great selection and I am very indecisive, what I thought would take only minutes turned into a good hour of shopping. I finally ended up with the cutest swimming suit. I love their suits because they are fashionable, yet modest. 

I know you are wondering If you scroll down you will see me posing in a swimming suit... well think again my friends, that will never happen :) I am not about to be taking pictures of me in a swimming suit, so just trust me when I say it is cute ;) I thought instead of taking pictures of me, I would take some photos of my BEAUTIFUL sister in law. 

Brooke lives in California and it is hard to find modest yet fashionable clothing for her so when I knew she was coming in town I headed straight to DownEast.

Here are some of the items she bought... 

She is gorgeous right? She is only 15 and I can only hope my future little girls  will look like her.

A BIG thank you to DownEast for sponsoring this post and giving me and my sister in law a fun place to shop!

  A message from DownEast:

The DownEast store in South Jordan, Utah moved to a new location within The District & is now a @DownEastHOME & Clothing store! We're celebrating all this week with a GRAND OPENING GIVEAWAY -- your chance to win a $400 shopping spree for you + 4 friends!!! Visit the store to enter!


  1. You are so funny, and baby wedgies are the BEST!




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