Sunday, July 8, 2012

Craft Wars Party Wrap Up +Link Up

This Craft Wars party was INSANE. When I got a call from Mandi from Vintage Revivals purposing this idea only 6 days before the event I was nervous it wasn't enough notice for people to come. Boy, was I wrong! This had to be one of the best parties I have hosted at my parents house since my glory days in high school.

Thanks to some amazing sponsors and people, this party went off without a hitch. I need to give a big shout out to Cobi from, who came early to help me set up. While setting up, I was getting word I was going to have to evacuate my town home in Draper due to fire, so Cobi was my saving grace on keeping me from freaking out trying to get everything done.

I was going to sum up what my favorite part of the night was but it is just to hard. Was it me stuffing my face with cupcakes? Jumping in the pool with all my clothes? Saying good bye to all the guest while wearing my dad's robe?... hmmmm, too hard to choose.

 I will have to choose the part when my very NON-crafter sister won a paint brush and her face was priceless as she gave me this look, of "how do I use this thing."

All in all, it was such a fun night and I am so glad we had a rocking good turn out! Cant wait until the next event!

The talented Ashlee from Topsy Turvy Cakes made this cake. Does it look like it descended from Heaven! 

a BIG thank you to Orson Gygi for donating Italian sodas for all 150 of us. This was a fun interactive way to serve drinks. Only downside is they are just so good your guest will keep coming back for more, so buy extra :)

 Remember if you order online at enter bridgeywidgey10 for 10% off your entire purchase and then you can pick up in store the next day or have it shipped to your house.

My mom and my sisters. Wait who is that, is that Tausha...? Yep my mom has officially adopted her into the family. My mom practically loves her more than the rest of us combined so it was expected.

The adorable Mandi, and Jill. The ladies of the evening.

I decorated this table for 150 delicious cupcakes donated by One Sweet Slice. 

One Sweet Slice was just voted the BEST cupcake in Utah, and I must agree. They are amazing. My favorite was the raspberry lemon, oh wait no, the key lime, ah, maybe the red velvet... OH gosh... I don't know, I tried them all and they were all so good.

Pick Your Plum showed up with 150 swag gifts for each guest. They went above and and beyond and I cant thank them enough. These swag gifts included things for the crafter and partier.... perfect combo if you ask me :)

Thanks to some great giveaways, these are all the winners. 

Kirsten from Crafting Chicks and I decided to join the fellow swimmers with our clothes on. This was not the best idea when you have to wear that same outfit on a 6 am flight the next day. Should of thought that one through first :(



  1. Wow, what a great party! Looks like you ladies had lots of fun.

  2. I sure wish I had known about this! I have heard of the Craft Wars show but have never seen it yet bc I dont have cable. I dont know if this event was open invite or not but if it was I'm even more sorry I missed it :( I guess being on the internet 24/7 you can still miss stuff

  3. It was the greatest party ever! I loved it! I also love that your mom adopted me into your family. Does that mean that I get to go with you when you go to Hawaii and pick them up? :) Still excited to go swimming!!! You are the hostess of the year! I agree, the cupcakes were to die for!!!

  4. It was so much fun and I totally enjoyed helping set things up. Thanks for letting me be apart of it all! Can't wait to do it again.

  5. Honestly this party looks like it was SUCH A BLAST (I had to type that in all caps so you know i'm serious). I wish I could've been there! You have the best job, throwing parties.. I love all the pictures!

  6. Cute cute party! So, I am wanting to make a ribbon banner for my son's birthday party and was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how you made yours! I am interested to know how much fabric you use, how long the strips are, all that stuff. Thank you so much!

  7. Thanks again Bridget! The party was so much fun and you were the best hostess and your mom is so sweet to let so many people invade her home, not to mention right before your parent were leaving on a mission. Oh my goodness! I have no idea how she got everything ready to go. Thanks to both of you!!!

  8. Thanks for getting back to me! I am hoping to try and make a ribbon banner at the beginning of August! (my email is

  9. Oh, I so wish I could have made it to this fun party. Next time for sure. ;) It is funny, I toured your parents home years and years ago for the Parade of Homes. Fun to see it again in these pictures.


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