Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WIWW + Jolley's Boutique SALE!

Everyone READ carefully! This is not a post to just look at pictures. I know I am guilty of skipping over the text BUT this is flipping amazing soooo....

Drum roll please...

Jolley's Gift and Floral on 1300 south and 1700 East is having a SALE this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The store will be doing a 25% off ALL jewelry and clothing... BUT if you mention BRIDGEY WIDGEY blog or that you saw this post they will give you an extra 10% off one of your items. That will be a total of 35% off. They will also be doing buy one get one free on their snowies right outside their shop with a purchase. So, grab a icy treat and open your wallet to start a shopping :)

Did you guys read my post why this boutique is the mother ship of all boutiques? If not you can read it HERE but to sum it up, I personally love Jolleys boutique because I like to buy things not everyone and their dad's barber is going to be wearing. Jolley's is great at switching out their inventory, and you will find one of a kind quality pieces.

There selection of clothes is perfect for all ages and occasions. They have cute items for swim suit cover ups all the way to formal events. What do you know...they even have clothes to wear for a day shopping at Jolley's and eating a snow cone :)

While taking pictures I almost fell off this bike rack. It was too funny not to post. Nothing like almost ripping a pair of new jeans :(

A BIG thank you to the adorable Tanelle from All Things Kids for taking all the photos of me.

More options at Jolley's for all ages..

 This girls were so cute. They were just eating a snow cone and I ambushed them with a stylish make over. Thanks for being such good sports!

 The cute Molly from Fleur de Bee

Tanelle from All things kids

Everything you see from head to toe is sold at Jolley's. Go check them out and make sure to MENTION BRIDGEY WIDGEY to get that extra 10 % discount.

1676 E. 1300 South
Salt Lake City, Ut 84105
also visit their website:

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  1. These pictures are so pretty/adorable, I really love your outfit, especially with the bright lips!

  2. They have some really cute clothes! I love your outfit especially the shoes and bag! Very cute!

  3. YOU. ARE. ADORABLE. and... I love the whole outfit!



  4. Bridget, I LOVE your style! I can spend an hour in Jolley's trying to figure out an outfit, and you find one in 2 minutes! You are beautiful inside and out! #takemeshoppingwithyou ;)

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