Sunday, July 22, 2012

Family Photos Are A Good Evil

Jaxon decided the ocean would be a great place to play right before our photos! Awesome... NOT!

Does everyones family photos go through all that just to get the below shot. I only have one child and it was a NIGHTMARE trying to get a photo. Family photos is a time to capture your family and it should be a good and fun experience, but every time we take photos someone is angry with the other or mad someones outfit isn't right etc. (okay that person is usually me.) 

My family hasn't taken a professional family photo since... well, never! Last professional photo was when I got married. I have been wanting to get a family photo for a long time, but my husband just assumed since I have a nice camera I could have some random take it and it would turn out great. Let's just say that method hasn't worked out so great for us.

Luckily this year my parents paid a photographer to come to the beach and take photos of my WHOLE family, 43 people to be exact. I was hoping this was going to be a great experience... instead I got a sandy cranky baby and husband. After taking my HUGE family photos, my little family was just so over it, so hopefully we got at least one good shot.

(This captures the chaos of family photos, and this is only half of the group)

Let's see this again...

 Oh how I hate taking family photos but I love the outcome.

anyone else with me on this one?

This picture was taken by my niece with my camera and it is not the professional photo. This is why we are not look right into the camera. 


  1. I am laughing (not at you of course..but WITH you) We just took a family photo in Carlsbad, California last week (looks a little familiar) There were only 15 of us, but we still had some crankies in the group. I HOPE we get at least 1 good shot...our photographer came all the way from Seattle to shoot it!Instagram is looking better all the time!

  2. Hahaha! I love it! Family pictures are impossible with anyone under 16 years old, but you guys look like you should be on a magazine cover so at least you have that going for you... I love the colors that everyone is rockin!!

  3. This post cracked me up! My little girl also never behaves the way I want when we try to get family pictures done. It's a stressful event for us too! I heard getting a remote control for your camera might help a little bit in the process, just let your kiddo push the button for you, he might think it is funny and you'll probably get a good shot out of it! That's what I am going to try next! :)

    1. Way good idea! I will need to look into that


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