Friday, March 11, 2011

baby fashion

(grandpa sweater from gap kids)

I know there are a lot of moms out there that also love fashion, follow the latest trends, and love to get expert advice when it comes to raising our babies. I found and fallen in love with this website. Its called stroller traffic, isn't that such a cute name. It will email you once a week with some great fashion, tips, and advice. I also have found this cool new website where you can pick out outfits and put them together so you can see what it will look like from head to toe for your little tots.  You can choose from all different stores from gap to top designer clothing.

(A few other staple websites I check every day are and
A few things I want for my little stud:

this bow tie from J.Crew ( I love anything on babies that look like they are for grown men)

These shoes with this shirt.

I could shop for hours on line, If I had hours. I get my cart full and dream, then I delete :(

UPDATE: mom if you reading this... I really want THESE SHOES


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