Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fruit Pizza

My side of the family had a big Sunday dinner and I was in charge of dessert. It was my mistake that I didn't make enough of this because it was gone in seconds. I was lucky I got to even take a picture of the final outcome before hands were reaching in from all corners to get a taste.

2 things of frozen sugar cookie mix
1 8 oz tub of cream cheese (I like strawberry)
A spoon full of any type of fruit preserve (I used raspberry and apricot)

To be honest I made up the cream sauce and I know some add yogurt but I just added in stuff until it gave me the taste and consistency I was looking for.

Then cut up fruit. (I used pears, mangos, strawberries, raspberries, and bananas)

* Tip* I would of liked to add some small toffee bites to give it a little crunch.

Roll out cookie dough onto a cookie sheet.
Mix together cream cheese and jam.
Spread onto warm cookie right before serving or else it will get soggy.
Then add the fresh fruit and toffee bites.


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