Monday, March 7, 2011

March Madness

Are you going to any fun March parties? If so you can make these easy brownie pops. But beware, you may lick the spoon too many times until you get sick (not that I would know.)

This is pretty self explanatory. But one tip is to not use a fudge brownie box mix because they are too gooey and will fall off the stick. (that is what I did so I had to dipped the stick first in chocolate and then into the brownie. Then I topped it off with another drizzle of chocolate and some green sprinkles. This will help with keeping the brownie in place.

I also had these molds from *Wilton that you can buy at Gygi's in Utah that help make the shape. If you don't have any molds just bake until almost done and then mold into balls and pop back in the oven for another 5 minutes. After I made these I was thinking of using red chocolate and making them look like volcanoes for a dinosaur party and just make them brownie bites, cute right? ( I know my baby is only 5 months and I am already planning future birthday parties)

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