Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Craft Wars Party. Who is in?

ATTENTION, ATTENTION, ATTENTION. I have a HUGE announcement... any guesses by the above logo?

You guessed it.... I am not crafty enough to be on Craft Wars!


my cute friend Mandi from Vintage Revivals will be on the show with her friend Jilly from Girls With Good Taste. Now this isn't Mandi's first rodeo, she has been on The Nate Berkus show. That's right, she stood next to that tall glass of water :)

 can I get a gasp on the count of three. 1....2.....3....

Since I feel like a proud mom of hers, I will be hosting a BIG SHIN-DIG to watch the premier of Craft Wars on TLC at my parents house. Now we cant give out any deets on when her show airs, or how well they do. So if you ask, we wont answer. If we do, Mandi's life, she signed over in that big stack of papers people call a contract, will be over.

Now for the deets we CAN share...

This is going to be a fun girls night/get together with crafters, bloggers, friends,  fans of Mandi!

... and/or me... (echo echo, is there any one out there?) Ha, no I am only teasing.

This is for ANYONE who wants to have a good time with out children :) It is a great excuse to get a bunch of girls together to meet one another, eat food, take home some SWAG from Pick Your Plum, and win some KILLER giveaways via our sponsors... OH and of course, watch the show.

This event will be CASUAL and held at my parents house in Davis County. In order to keep the cops from busting this killer party we are are opening it up only to the first 100 RSVP'S

You can RSVP to this Uh-Mazing "Craft Wars Girls Night" held July 3rd at 7:00 pm by entering your information HERE.

Once we get to 100 rvsp's we will send out an email giving you directions to the house and more details. Feel free to share with your friends who you know would enjoy a fun night out.

I can't wait to see you all there!

 For those of you visiting from Mandi's blog, welcome and I would love you to come follow my blog as I share my fashionparties, and what I call my life :)


  1. This is so stinking cool! I'm super excited! Thanks for all the work I am SURE you are putting in!
    xo Becca


  2. So amazing and so exciting!! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. I can't wait!!!

  3. Ha ha! We had our own viewing party to watch our episode and it was such a rush! The show flew by as fast as the competition felt like it flew by! Good luck and have a BLAST when your episode does air!

  4. Love this!!! What a great idea and how exciting for them. Can't wait. Let me know if you need anything. This has to be a huge thing to put together!

  5. I would be there in a heartbeat, however I think the drive from Oregon may be a little out of the question!! I cannot wait to watch Mandi on the show, and same with Beckie!!

  6. How fun, wish I lived in Utah...you girls are always up to something fun! Have a great time!

  7. Man...I wish I lived closer! Sounds like sooo much fun! I'll be celebrating in spirit from here in Atlanta! <3 Heidi Rew from Parties for Pennies

  8. I wish people had put their City/States so we could put together carpools!

  9. Can I RSVP for my sis G and me?! Thanks, Stephanie

  10. I haven't heard anything yet. I am really looking forward to this get together! I was second on the list, so I know I made it. Have the emails gone out yet?

  11. Can I Skype in????? I'm in Mussouri! Sounds so fun!

    1. Well, actually it's Missouri...but this IS how we say it!


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