Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jolley's Boutique


I Just found a gem of a store! It is like the mothership of all boutique's. 

 I am kinda bummed I didn't know sooner because when I went to college at the University Of Utah I would often come to this intersection on 1300 s and 1700 east. They have an amazing fresh market and breakfast place. Little did I know behind the sign that says Jolley's Pharmacy, there was an explosion of AWESOMENESS!

Jolley's corner Pharmacy is not your average pharmacy.

For reals ladies, you are going to die. I walked in and said this was pinterest inside of a store. There was just so much to look at and I didn't know where to start. This is no lie, I was in there for 3 hours the first time, and another 2 hours the next time I went. It is like a baby boutique got married to a clothing department and had a baby that liked candy, jewelry, and home decor.

I have two favorite thing about this store. One is that everything is one of a kind. If you see it then you need to buy it because they are always switching up their store. I love unique jewelry that are statement pieces, yet not everyone has them so I was just in heaven looking over all their fun accessories.

Number two is besides the fact that they everything under the sun for people of all ages, they have this nostalgic feel to the place. 
I felt like I stepped back into time when I was there for more than a couple minutes. I watched people come in and out that told me they have been coming here for years. I saw little kids lined up to get their penny candy. I saw the employees greet all the customers by name. I felt as if this is how it used to be when there was one store back in the day and it was the best hang out in the town. It may sound cheesy, but I felt like I was family there. I can honestly say it made me want to move to Sugar House and take my son on walks to hit up Eggs In the City and cross the street to hit up Jolley's for some penny candy. I want to create those fond memories for my son that so many people told me they had  living close to this family owned business.

Now keep in mind there are a lot of Jolley's around Utah, but this is the only one that has a boutique like this. 

1676 E. 1300 South
Salt Lake City, Ut 84105
also visit our website:

You must check it out!!! 

They have Jewelry:

Party Decor:

Seasonal decor:

Candy! (my son's favorite part)

Toddler and baby:

Play area for kids

Surrounding fun spots to make this a whole afternoon:

They have a shaved ice shack right outside the store. A yummy local breakfast stop that is one you would find in a New York, and a local market. I just love this spot in the middle of the avenues. It feels like a little spot preserved from back in the old days and when I mean old days I don't mean just when I was in college, even though it brings back those memories to. I remember sitting at that breakfast cafe crying my eyes out over a boy that dumped me... ha ha... maybe it is a good thing I didn't know about Jolley's boutique or I would of done some major shopping therapy.

So glad to have you as my newest SPONSOR! 
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  1. I love this intersection also, but i've never been into Jolley's. Next time for sure!

  2. Thanks for sharing. My S.I.L just found one by my house on main street in bountiful, forget what its called. but we are checking it out soon. Maybe we will have to check out this one too!

  3. Not in the Avenues....in Sugarhouse area!

  4. There's one in Sandy on 1300 East and 9400 South that's awesome too!


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