Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade week has been fun. Tomorrow I still have a tutorial on how I painted the lemonade stand but today is the day I am going to show the whole set up. For anyone who missed the first couple days. Day 1 was lemonade chalk board signs. Day 2 was the photo booth/ lemonade bench. Day 3... well that is just how ugly I looked when setting up this party :) Maybe this will inspire you to have your own lemonade stand – you could donate the proceeds for a tax deduction when you use TurboTax online this year!

Today is the day where we get to see the whole lemonade stand! I loved how it turned out, but most importantly the kids and I were having a blast. The kids, because they could eat  candy and drink all the lemonade, and me, well we all know I get overly excited over a paper straw and pendant flags. Sad I know :)

I think there is so much more to kids selling lemonade than earning money and keeping the kids entertained. Having your kids sell lemonade is a great opportunity to teach them how to manage money, subtracting the overhead cost, and how to save. You know your kids would be bored out of their mind if you just sat them down and tried to teach them about these things. So, you can disguise the fact you are teaching them about money management when you incorporate it in with a lemonade stand.

 Plus your kids are going to LOVE you when people are lined up at their drink station. You know if you saw this set up you would stop!

When Life gives you lemons... Make Lemonade... Tutorial Here
Paper straws for Gygi's... Use code bridgeywidgey10 for 10% off your purchase

Tutorial for these lemonade signs HERE

Vintage milk bottles Purchased from Bake It Pretty

To see how I made this stand click HERE

To Learn how I made this bench click HERE

Cheers to a great  Lemonade stand!

 You better enter in to win 100 dollar value mini photo shoot below! If you don't.... 

I'll get this little one to attack...


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  1. This is such a cute idea. I love your photos and creativity. I liked on facebook.

  2. Such a cute lemonade stand. I absolutley love that bench too. Did you make that yourself as well? I'm totally craving some homemade lemonade right now. :-)

    1. Yes I did. There is a tutorial on my blog. right under the bench photo it will say, "to see how I made this bench click here" if you click there it will take you to the tutorial! I hope that helps. The bench came just plain wood, I primed, painted, and added the banner.

  3. Oh my goodness Bridget! This is WAY too adorable. :) Thanks for linking up!! Pinned + featured your post on FB today. :)

  4. Hi Bridget, hey where did you find or how did you make that You Are My Sunshine canvas? Love your blog, btw.

    1. I won it at a conference but there is a tag on the bag that says it was made by Landee on etsy. hope that helps

  5. I just adore your blog! Full of fabulous ideas!! I am thrilled to be your newest follower!!!

  6. This is adorable and so creative. Hope you can link this up at my trendy tuesday party!!

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