Monday, June 11, 2012

Famous Husband?

Ha, not quite, but it is still fun to see some of my husbands work. Chase started modeling when my mom and I took my wedding pictures into an agency. Chase refused to do it so we had to take the matters into our own hands ;). Not long after, he started getting calls and jobs, so I had to tell him what I did. Mad at first, he still went to the audition and the rest is history. He will probably kill me for sharing all this because he is really modest and as good looking as I think he is on the outside, he is even sweeter and humble on the inside. REALLY how in the world did I get best of both worlds. I must of done something right before I came down to earth ;) He has done a lot of jobs but we rarely get to see the print work after. So it is fun to finally see some of his work. Below is a picture I took off of Hiltons Hotels website. 

Modeling has been just for fun. My husbands real job is as a property facility manager for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 


  1. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! You guys are a friggin hot couple. I want to see your wedding photos!

  2. You two are gorgeous! Show him off, that is what proud wifes do!

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