Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Photo Booth Bench

Lately, it just isn't a party with out a photo booth. There is something about a photo booth that brings out the best in people. I love to see the candied photos of people that may otherwise be shy. Now in order to get some fun shots, you can't just have a camera and people, you need a cute set up!

 This cute bench from The Wood Connection is perfect for a lemonade stand, or a photo booth. For day 2 of Lemonade Week, I am going to show you how to recreate this look with just a few simple steps, plus you can enter to win 25 dollars to their store HERE  and you can get this bench for free.

You Need:
A bench
2 wooden dowels
2 small screw eyes (purchased at home depot)
duct tape
bakers twine

Step1, 2, and 3: Get your bench, prime, and then paint it. Easy enough right?

Step 4: Screw in the screw eyes into your dowel and tie your bakers twin through each loop to create the banner.

Step 5: Duct tape your dowels to the back of the bench. I did't nail gun it in because I wanted to keep my options endless, and be able to change it up for another party.

Neon green duct tape... I am high class huh? Also don't mind my dowels are different. Last minute I decided to add the paper medallions and I needed the height of the original dowel that was suppose to be behind the bench.

I hope you come back to check out the rest of Lemonade Week. Tomorrow is a funny What I Wore Wednesday and Thursday is the reveal of the lemonade stand plus a 100 dollar value photo shoot. Below is a giveaway for 25 dollars to The Wood Connection where you can get supplies to buy this bench and or anything they have to offer (which is A LOT). This is the same giveaway as DAY 1 of Lemonade Week, so if you entered yesterday then you are good to go!

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  1. LOVE the idea of Lemonade Week!!!!! SO CUTE!


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