Monday, June 11, 2012

St. George Trip

Two weekends ago I headed down to St. George to give my husband the house to himself so he could quietly study for the GMAT. Jaxon and I were all alone and did a lot of playing with cars, bike rides, Popsicle eating, and I got to hang out with my cute friend Mandi from Vintage Revivals

Overall it was a nice getaway and to just turn off all electronics and enjoy my little boy. Ha, I lie... I didn't turn off ALL electronics, I am too attached to my phone and Instagram. Anyone else find Instagram their new fb? 

You can follow me  @bridgetparry

Anyone else have a husband who is studying to take this test. He isn't even in business school yet and I already feel like I never see him. Cheers to the next couple years to me, my kid, and eating dinner alone. (not that I am complaining, I would rather be the one not in school )


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